Rabbi Lord Professor Jonathan Sacks

a Biblical Commentator

list of lecturers and topics

Rabbi Boruch Boudilovsky

Rabbi of Young Israel of North Netanya and Rosh Yeshiva of Pe'er HaTorah

The Exodus in the teachings of Rabbi Sacks

Rabbi Dr. Benji Levy

Doctorate in Philosophy, Rabbinic Ordination, Honors in Jewish Thought, Teaching Degree, Bachelor of Media and Communications

The Evolution of Responsibility

Daniel Taub

Former Ambassador of Israel to the United Kingdom, writer and teacher

Biblical models of Jewish leadership – in the diaspora and in Israel

Rabbi Yuval Cherlow

Did the prophets, claiming that morality precedes sacrifice, invent a new Judaism

Dr Miriam Feldmann Kaye

University Lecturer in Jewish Philosophy, Bar Ilan and Visiting Associate Professor at Jewish Theological Seminary

"The Tower of Babel in the Philosophy of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks"

Yafit Clymer

"The Radical Concept of Being Created in the lmage of G-d"

An additional list of lecturers will be follow later

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